Chu Van An street Restaurant

The cuisine of Hue is unique, following the basic culinary mantra of fresh and light food, the Viatnamese chefs whip up some mouthwatering specialties like fresh spring rolls filled with light ingredients, bun bo Hue, a noodle soup with pork, beef, and shredded green onions; and banh khoi, a thin, crispy pancake filled with ground meat and crispy vegetables.

You can taste all this and much more at Chu Van An street Restaurant, Hue which specializes in Vietnamese cuisine along with regular traveler fare.
The owner of Chu Van An street Restaurant, Hue in keeping with the culinary tradition of this ancient capital city, offers a comprehensive menu including food ranging from royal dishes to popular dishes for common people.
Gastronomy is a part of the inherited treasure of unique traditional heritage of this capital city of Hue. For a sumptuous meal or a light snack, you can go to any of the following Hue Restaurants.