Truong Tien 1 Restaurant

Truong Tien 1 Restaurant, Hue is one of the restaurants in this city, which has been attracting tourists not by decoration but by taste of foods.

Hue still preserves a tradition of imperial cuisine. And Truong Tien 1 Restaurant excellently carries on with this tradition. Royal meals can be ordered in advanced over here. Besides, Hue is also famous for popular dishes like "com hen" (rice with mussels, very spicy), "banh khoai" (a large stuffed pancake), "banh beo" (another type of pancake), "banh loc" (cassava starch cakes), "bun bo" (Hue's beef vermicelli soup), "che bap" (maize porridge). Truong Tien 1 Restaurant is specialized in such dishes.
Moreover, having a lunch here would also provide you the scope to experience the traditional sense of hospitality of the Vietnamese people. This is specially justified through the behavior of the well trained waiters of this restaurant. Do make a visit here.