Paradise Garden Restaurant

Paradise Garden Restaurant, Hue is one of those eateries having a lunch or dinner over where becomes a memorable Hue trip experience. Along with local Vietnamese food, this restaurant will also serve you Indian, continental and Chinese cuisines. Moreover, having a lunch here would also provide you the scope to experience the traditional sense of hospitality of the Vietnamese people. This is specially justified through the behavior of the well trained waiters of this restaurant.

Paradise Garden Restaurant is positioned by the bank of Huong River. And the beauty of the settings gets more increased as the graceful Trang Tien Bridge is overseen from this café.

There are 300 seats in this restaurant. This specially serves European and Asian food. Besides, the Hue specialties are also available and can be offered to you on order.

It is not only eating which matters when Paradise Garden Restaurant is concerned. Along with having your delicious dishes you will also be able to get a good view for watching sunset falling on the Huong River.

There are private rooms available for group's reservation. And not only a hurried meal or a bit refreshment, this destination is also unique in Hue for being a magnificent venue for many other services such as parties, weddings and birthdays