Cafe on Thu Wheels Restaurant

Welcome to one of the most popular Cafes / Patisseries in Hue- Cafe on Thu Wheels Restaurant, Hue

Located at 10/2 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue, Vietnam Tel: (84-54) 832 241, Cafe on Thu Wheels Restaurant is particularly liked by the backpackers who love to come here and enjoy live English football with plenty of chilled beer.

Located in the alley next to Omar Khayyam's Indian restaurant, the café pulls a lot of youth who like hanging around here. The Café features some of the unique specialties of Hue, which though prepared in Vietnamese style but have their own flavor of a region of special culture.

Traveling in Hue is a rich culinary experience, and for the gourmet in you do not miss a couple of particular specialties like the Bun Bo Hue (Noodle Soup - but not like Pho) and Banh Khoai (Potato Omelette). The more inquisitive ones may wish to seek out a delightful but little known dish called Com Hen (Dwarf snails in broth with rice fresh salad vegetables and crushed peanuts); definitely a unique recipe!

The unexampled cuisine style of Hue cooking has developed as a result of the fusion of dishes designed by poverty-stricken peasants and the sumptuous opulence of the Imperial Court. To get a taste of these Hue specialty sample the following Hue Restaurants