Cathi Restaurant

Cathi - This tiny, hush-hush restaurant -- just opening at press time -- is a good place to enjoy a special lunch after visiting the Citadel and Imperial City.
In a tranquil courtyard garden, alfresco dining takes place on cool, shaded patio areas surrounded by restored, low, open pavilions that are held up by ornate carved pillars and covered with terra-cotta tile roofs. It all overlooks a tranquil pond filled with hearty Japanese koi.

Hours      : Daily 6am-10pm
Address : 24 Tran Thuc Nhan St
Phone    : 054/845-924
E-mail    :
Prices    : Set menus from $8-$80
Credit Cards : MC, V
Other     : Also 181 Xuan 68 St., Hue; tel. 054/513-320