Taxi in Hue

- ATC Taxi Tourist Service: Add: 04 Ben Nghe, 44 Le Loi, Tel: 833333, 830830

- Gili Taxi: Add: 28b Nguyen Hue, Tel: 828282

- Thanh Do Taxi: Add: 333B An Duong Vuong, Tel: 858585

Taxi fare: 5,000VND/km (Hue Taxi), 6,000VND/km (other companies), in case of travelling over 50km, 100km, tourists can have a discount of 1,000 -1,500VND/km. 60,000VND/hour is fixed for travelling within the city, for Gili taxi, it is just 40,000-50,000VND per hour. For travelling to Danang, you will pay 380,000VND/one trip, Quang Tri: 230,000VND/one trip, Gili: 250,000VND, Thanh Do: 280,000VND.