Common means of transportation

Common means of transportation

Common means of transportation:

+ Taxi-bikes and taxi-motorbikes:

are available at An Cuu, Dong Ba bus stations, railway stations, shopping centres, hospitals, etc. The price will be mutually agreed in advance. The average price is about 1,000VND/km/person (for taxi-bikes). Tourists can rent motorbikes to travel around the city with reasonable price. It also depends on your itinerary. About 2,000VND/km/person.

+ Pedicab (cyclo):

Pedicab in Hue is a convenient mean because it is large with high roof. Pedicab can be used to transport goods if necessary or carry people with its roof upturned.

At present, the pedicab service in Hue is the most attractive and convenient one for tourists within the city. It is an enjoyable experience for tourists to go around the ancient and beautiful city by pedicab.

The price is mutually agreed in advance, however, the common price is 2USD/hour/person for foreigners, and 15,000VND/hour/person for Vietnamese. The tourist authority has assisted to establish a group of tourist pedicabs in front of some hotels such as: Huong Giang, Century, Hoa Hong, Sai Gon Morin, 2 Le Loi, and 5 Le Loi.