Hue, the former capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, and the present capital of the Thua Thien-Hue province is on the country's central coast, and along the Perfume River. A picturesque and tranquil place, it is a city full of canals, and is almost bisected by the River perfume. Hence, one of the most popular modes of transport used by the tourists to visit the historical sites around the city is the Hue Boat Service.

The Hue Boat Service allows tourists and visitors to make trips on the Perfume River, and takes them on excursions on the waterways of Hue. The Imperial Boats are a great way to see some of the grand locations of Hue. One can visit any tour-operator's office or any travel agent for tickets on these boats that take one on trips along the Perfume River.

The Hue Boat Service takes one on trips that cover such places as # tombs of Tu Duc, Thieu Tri, Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Thien Mu Pagoda, Hon Chen Temple, the Citadel, the imperial palaces, and temples. The trip covering these locations takes about six hours, leaving at 8-00 am and finishing at 2-00 pm.

This pleasure trip by the Hue Boat Service makes stops at each location for about half-an-hour. People have to get down and either walk, or take motorbike-taxis to places like temples or tombs that lie on that particular stop.
This wonderful trip on the river by the Hue Boat Service is one of the highlights of the tourism of hue. While traveling down the river on one's way to visit the ancient structures, one also passes other sampans (traditional rowing boats) on their way to dong Ba market, houseboats and dragon boats.
The cost of this trip by the Hue Bus Service depends on the boats one chooses, as well as the tours. The main four types are -
- Hue-Linh Mu: 80,000 VND/single boat (160,000 VND/double boat)
- Hue-Hon Chen Palace: 100,000 VND/single boat (200,000 VND/double boat)
- Hue-Minh Mang Temple: 135,000 VND/single boat (270,000 VND/double boat)
- Hue-Bao Vinh: 50,000 VND/ hour/single boat
Another awesome way to experience the Perfume River by availing of the Hue Boat Service is taking an evening trip on one of these boats that host a traditional folksong performance, which depart from the landing on Le Loi Street, on the south bank opposite the Citadel, at 7pm and 8.30pm daily. For a truly enjoyable trip in Hue, enjoying the views of the city from the amazing waters of the Perfume River, do ensure that you make use of the Hue Boat Service and exploit it to its fullest.