The imperial city of Hue, situated in the Thua Thien-Hue province of Vietnam attracts the greatest number of tourists flocking to Vietnam, with almost as many as 12,000 visitors in one day. These tourists love to travel all over Hue and see the various sights, availing of the local transport systems. One of these means of transportation in Hue, which is different and unique, and hence very attractive to tourists, is the Hue Cyclo Travel.

While on a Hue Cyclo Travel, the tourist gets to ride a 3-wheeled bicycle-rickshaw, which is the Cyclo. This is quite a weird transport, wherein the passenger sits in front, with the driver pedaling behind. However, the drivers are very pleasant, and regale one with tales and anecdotes as they drive, making the journey an interesting one.

Hue Cyclo Travel is probably the best way to explore Hue, and to visit its great sites. Especially the Citadel, since only bicycles, motorbikes and cyclos are allowed inside. However, it is only good if one wants to visit certain places, and not take in all the distant tombs and pagodas, as it is pretty time consuming.
The rates for Hue Cyclo Travel are somewhat reasonable, starting at around VND 5000, and going up to around VND 10000. However, one should be very careful as to bargaining, and make a deal with the driver before beginning the trip. The drivers are rather honest, but some of them happen to think that ripping off tourists is no big deal. So, it is better to negotiate rates before embarking.

One of the most common means of getting around Hue and visiting the historical sites in a very common Vietnamese manner is to use of the Hue Cyclo Travel, which is a very exciting way to tour Hue.