Lac Tinh garden

Lac Tinh Garden was founded in 1889 by the poet Hong Khang. It is located on an area of 2,070 sq.m. in the former Duong Xuan village, now it is at 65 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hue City.

Lac Tinh Garden has a beautiful and cool setting with a symmetrical arrangement of two rows of hibiscuses, roses, laurel and ochna atropurpurea along the path leading to the house. Under the trees are small tables and chairs for enjoying the view and drinking tea. At the end of the path is a stylized book-shaped screen. With the structure of hexagonal beehive, the screen creates openness for the garden and reduces the separation between the house and the surrounding.

There are four houses adjacent to each other in the Lac Tinh Garden. Each house has its own name, which has a special meaning and closely connects in meaning with the owner.

Nhan Hau House (Benevolent House) is used for receiving guests, enjoying the moon and flowers and also distributing relief for the poor. It has an open architecture of parterres and bonsais putting around the house instead of walls.

Hy Tran Trai House is located in the middle of the garden. The interior is decorated with many wood panels. The main compartment has fifty-nine iron wood columns with the flat tiled roof. Rafters are carved with images of dragon, Chinese character, four seasons, eight weapons, etc. by the professional skill of talent artists.

Van Trai House is a place for working and relaxing.

Di Tam Thich The Duong House is a place of studying and living for the offsprings.

The architecture and special arrangement of decorated articles; appliances of the house give all four houses an ancient apperance. They give visitors a strong impression of elegance, refinement, and remind them being light in their steps, soft in their voice, etc. Accordingly, when going out of the Lac Tinh Garden and facing the mundane world, we suddenly want to come back to find the cultural way of life, fondness for learning, behavior manner of aristocrats under the old Nguyen Dynasty.