Duong No communal house

Communal house was built for the cult of tutelary spirits (belonging to Phu Duong commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province) who are 7 talent persons of 7 lines of village traiblazing this land with some great mandarins born here.

Communal house is situated on a 420 metres square - wide land with its face towards Pho Loi river. Initially, it was founded simply with bamboo, thatch... In 1808, it was rebuilt relying on money of Nguyen Duc Xuyen Duke with iron wood and Yin -Yang tiles. The peak (two dragons kneeling) bas -relief in the middle. Concurrently, the communal house was expanded more with 5 spaces, 2 wings and 2 inside rooms of the temple. But from 1943 till now, there have been just 3 spaces and 2 wings because of destruction.

From outside entering, the first view we see is 2 pillars of its gate and ground, next is the largest space of the communal house with 209.30 metres square area, 18.2 metres long, 11.5 metres wide and 265 metres high. The behind face has surrouding wall while the front one has just walls at 2 wings. On these wall are embellished flower - patterned designs. On the top corners are 4 bats symbolizing "Phuc" word. At the center is "Tho" word modelled in colourful parcerlain. At the lower positions are image of "long ma phu ha do" (the picture of dragon and horse by ariver).

3 middle spaces of the communal house have not any door but sowing trestle laid in the middle. The main sanctuary consists of 4 carpentrees and 8 main columns, 8 medium - sized pillars and 8 subordinate pillars at 2 wings. The chief worshipping are is of 6 doors put inside frames. On the doorways are ornamented with "luong long trieu nhat" (two dragons kneeling) figures and tigerhead carved. The left and the right - sided rooms are empty.

The middle chamber contains a 3 - story -altar. On the 1st story is of 2 high - woody flamingoes. Between two ones is "Tarn Son" altar used for containing water. On the 2nd floor is a joss - stick pot. The 3rd story has a box of 19 Nguyen dynastic nominations.

In additional, Duong No village has also a bamboo house, 100 metres from the communal house, where Ho Chi Minh president used to reside and study when he was 10 years old.

The Duong No communal house's annual spring festival begins on the 8th of the 1st lunar month and autumn festival on 2 best days at the beginning of the 7th lunnar month.