Cinema in Hue

Cinema in Hue, one of the most beautiful cities of Vietnam too has changed a lot and is now more equipped for a better show to the audience.

Cinemas in Hue have been greatly influenced by the infamous wars that the city has faced. The years between 1940s to the 1970s has shaped the trend of films in the country to a great extent. The films like Cyclo, Scent of the Green Papaya and Vertical Ray of the Sun, all by French-trained Viet Kieu director Tran Anh Hung has charmed the audience in Hue and in today's world the change in economic structure has given a wider prospective to both the film makers and the viewers in context to cinema.
Though today, television has taken away a huge chunk of popularity from cinema, still the medium has somehow managed to cling on the audiences as an existing mode of entertainment. In Hue the famous Dong Ba complex located at 179 Tran Hung Dao street screens some of the selected films on a daily basis.
Don't miss the excitement of catching up with some of the Vietnamese films once in Hue.