Bars and Pubs in Hue

The sun has sunk, not the spirit! Its time to freak out under the neon. Its night in Hue and the city is 'not' sleeping. As the night sets the party freaks come alive! All the spots created for the nightlife too comes alive till the wee hours of the day. The bars and pubs in Hue run to full capacity serving to the taste and needs of their customers.

Bars and pubs in Hue are the best place to enjoy the nightlife of Hue which is filled with surprises. Apart from enjoying your favorite drink you can also get the chance of getting in touch with the locals and get to learn about Hue's local culture.
One of the better occasions to get enchanted with the nightlife of Hue is the eve of Vietnamese New Year popularly known as Tet. Hue is considered to be one of the best places to enjoy the Vietnamese New Year. The fireworks set up the tone to welcome the new dawn. Trang Tien Bridge is regarded as the best place to enjoy the lightened sky.
The pubs and bars in Hue represent the dazzling nightlife of the city and are one of the best places to enjoy your favorite drink or hang out with your friends and acquaintances. Make sure to follow the dress code while entering a pub or bar. The dress code is extremely casual so wear whatever you like you're whatever you are comfortable in.
The bars and pubs in Hue make up a huge list. We at provide you with a list of the best one's where you can enjoy a nice evening or can have a blast of a night out. 
-   Apocalypse Now 
-   DMZ Bar & Café 
-   Dong Da Dancing 
-   B4 Bar & Café
-   Cafe On (Thu) Wheels
-   Paradise Garden Cafe
-   Why Not Bar & Cafe

These bars and pubs, some along with cafes as well provide the true sense of a ideal night out in Hue. These are also the best place to taste the best of the local cuisines and have a taste of the local as well as the foreign liquor found in Hue.